my name is zak bagans. i never believed in the paranormal, until i forced aaron to come face to face with it.

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teks - BASICALLY -


when you ship a ship so hard you don’t even care about the smut; you just want a billion page book about their entire lives beginning to end and how their lives are intertwined with one another’s and how beautiful their love is

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ACHILLES/PATROCLUS - ANDY/EDDIE - W A I L S - teks - otp: half my soul - otp: daddies -

penisparker thx but i hope u don’t think this means u can forget on my actual bday vaLLAIRE

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modern au:
➢ achilles x patroclus

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ugh - U G H - b: the song of achilles - otp: half my soul -

pssssst i turn 16 in 4 days

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thanks halls

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cap TS

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why do all the moms i know love gold digger

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mostly white moms + mine - alright - teks -

make me choose → day or night asked by nonormynolife

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tv: we happy few - tv: favorite - cries a lot -

chucklerjuergens thank u sheri I appreciate your words ah thank yooou

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menjawab - i wasn't ignoring u I'm just ignoring thinking abt things like - in general -